Excavation & Rock Removal

Excavation in a Nutshell

So, what is excavation, exactly and why do we need it on a construction job? Surprisingly, it can actually mean two things: 

#1 -The cutting and removal of material to lower an elevation; for example, to dig trenches and lay foundations for home and roads, or to create an empty space for a swimming pool in a backyard. 

#2- Filling of new material; when we raise an elevation by filling an area with a material that wasn’t there before. Fill or cut, excavation is the preliminary job of any construction project, whether residential or commercial. 

Any job, large or small, requires quite a lot of activity before the first digger can break ground; creating trenches, tunnels, and shafts for the underground utilities and foundations required for any surface required to bear a structural load. The site must be examined for any natural habitats that might be disturbed as a result of the excavation, and the ground prepared. Every aspect must carefully follow the detailed plans and drawings drawn up by the company that outlines the new lot or building boundaries.

At Greenway of Nashville, our highly skilled operators are experts in the different kinds of ground material to be excavated. We only hire staff that is properly qualified to operate the heavy machinery that moves dirt, material, and debris, grade roads, dig trenches for underground utilities and excavate ditches for gas or water lines.

excavator digging for underground utilities

Foundation Excavation for Commercial Buildings

rock hammer and excavator breaking up rock

The ground across the country is not consistently one material or another. Some areas are naturally rockier, others home to expansive soils like clay, loam, and silt. Expansive soil can change volume when it soaks in water, causing movement at the foundation level and massive damage to homes and buildings months or years later. Part of the job undertaken by the project managers at Greenway of Nashville is, therefore, to ensure that a proper geologic report is prepared so that we can advise customers on the route to take that will best mitigate or minimize any foreseen issues. Depending on the ground type, there are different techniques that we use: 

Soil Excavation 

Our excavation division will understand the extent of the soil by making trial pits in the construction site. Tracing lines on the ground helps to identify the boundaries for excavation. Using machines like hydraulic excavators and tractors, and hand tools like crowbars, shovels, and pickaxes, our expert team will remove soil, stones, and vegetation to prepare the land for the next phase in the project. 

Rock Excavation

There is an altogether more complicated process for excavating rock as it needs to be blasted or, drilled with the use of specialist equipment. For smaller rock breaking, jackhammers can be used. However, for larger areas of rock, the hoe ram is the machine that we prefer. The hoe is a hydraulic breaker attached to an excavator with a powerful precision hammer that is foot-operated by a professional operator. 

Concrete Excavation

Concrete was built to last, through cold, heat and rain, so it’s no surprise that as a material, it’s hard to break down. Heavy, specialist cutting machinery is required, operated by experienced contractors who also understand how to transport and then dispose of concrete materials, safely.

Hire Professional Excavation Experts from Greenway of Nashville

Excavation is not to be taken lightly and should always be performed by experienced, professional contractors. There are lots of aspects to consider when planning the construction of a building and as with most things, if you get the basics wrong, then your project is unlikely to be as successful as it should be. When you hire Greenway of Nashville, we make it our business to find out exactly what you want from the building and how it will be used. This allows us to provide you with the best advice and maximize efficiencies in how we go about building planning. And we bring with us all the advanced techniques, tools and heavy-duty machinery that we will need; fully licensed, in excellent working order and complete with an expert operator a the wheel. We conduct all building works within tight safety controls, keeping you, us and the environment safe and free from damage. Our skill and attention to detail will get your project started and finished on time and to budget.

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