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Hoe Ram in use on an excavation project

A hoe ram is a precision, sharp-tipped hydraulic hammer that is fitted to a piece of mobile machinery such as a tractor, excavator, backhoe or digger in order to carry out heavy duty demolition of concrete or rock surfaces, or structures. The hoe ram is an essential performance tool for any rock breaking project as it can increase the earth-moving productivity on the job site significantly when used properly. It is also a viable alternative when traditional drilling or rock blasting is not practical or permitted.

The rock hammer, as some of our operators affectionately call the hoe ram, is used on many Greenway of Nashville jobs, as we undertake projects of such scale that smaller hand-held drills or jackhammers are rendered initially redundant.There are a few different names for the hoe ram:

  • Hoe Rams
  • Rock Hammer
  • Hydraulic Drills

Hydraulic hammers also come in lots of different sizes, depending on the job: we will advise the breaker size that your project requires.

How Does A Hoe Ram Work?

All hydraulic hammers work on the principle of  hydrostatics or hydraulics. The powerful hammer, with a compartment of pressurized, non-compressible hydraulic oil, is positioned on a tractor or excavator. Force is exerted onto this canister, creating an exponential amount of force on all sides of the canister. This force is captured and used to apply tons of pressure via piston strokes.

The power of the hammer depends on the size of the canister as it converts kinetic energy into hammering energy – hence the name. All hydraulic breakers are based on a simple design with few moving parts, meaning that our machines offer superior performance, with a long life and low operating costs.

excavator loading dump truck for excavation construction project

Rent a Commercial Hoe Ram Today

At  Greenway of Nashville, we offer two different ways to get your job done. You can either hire an experienced team of professionals to deliver your hydraulic breaker services project from beginning to end, or you can rent a commercial rock hammer from us directly. We do not advise you buy one as a  hydraulic hammer can cost up to 40% more than the carrier it’s mounted  on, not to mention the repairs and maintenance it will need over its  lifetime.

Renting a hammer can work for those people who either have prior experience of construction and heavy machinery or for sub-contractors working on other sites that need a hydraulic hammer for a short amount of time. Our  experienced team of operators can show you how to:

  • Balance the carrier and breaker attachment
  • Position the hydraulic flow and pressure relief settings correctly
  • Set up the breaker if intended for underwater use
  • Begin breaking at the corner or edge of the material so that you optimize productivity and minimize stress of the attachment
  • Score material repeatedly so that it breaks more easily along lines that you determine
  • Use the auto lube system for the lower tool holder
  • Carry out a basic visual inspection of the hammer and check the oil levels

Hire an Experienced Hoe Ram Operator

We only hire experienced, professional operators at Greenway of Nashville. Most of the team are homegrown and live in Nashville. We have a set of core values and principles at the heart of our business and each one of our employees works to incorporate those values in every job they do.

And if you need an operator with skills not on our staff, no need to panic. We’ve spent a lot of time building a network of professional operators with thousands of years’ experience between them, so we can always find the very person you need to complete the construction project of your dreams.

If you’re ready to take the next step, why not give us a call on (615) 238-4574 or leave your details on our contact form. We’ve got people in Nashville ready and waiting to help you achieve exactly what you want.

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