Patio Construction Overview

Constructing an attractive and functional patio is a big project that requires a significant amount of time and energy. On top of important design considerations, the installation process involves hauling tons of dirt, gravel, and heavy materials.

Hiring experienced professionals who have the knowledge and resources to design and construct your patio will save you time and ensure a high-quality end result. Below, is a general overview of the construction process our patio contractors follow when building any backyard patio:

  • Plan the size and location.  
  • Excavate the area. 
  • Build a foundation and set your material.
  • Add landscaping and finishing touches.

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Common Types of Patio Projects

Patios can be installed in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials based on your aesthetic preference, intended use, and budget. The design options are endless. When you call Greenway of Nashville, our patio contractors will sit down with you and discuss the pros and cons of the most popular patio projects to help you find the material that’s right for you.





Poured concrete is an adaptable material that can be molded to any shape or size, giving you a wide array of options when it comes to your patio floor. Plus, concrete is durable, as long as it’s properly installed and maintained, and tends to be one of the least expensive hard surfaces to build. 

However, a plain slab of concrete isn’t the most attractive material for a backyard. If you want to spruce up the design, you can add different patterned finishes, as well as a coloring agent to give it a more natural look. Concrete also provides a great base if you would like to add tiles or pieces of exposed aggregate later on. 





Brick has been a popular choice amongst homeowners for a long time, and for good reason. It’s a sturdy, versatile material that complements the existing landscape and hardscape features of many homes. Furthermore, brick patios fit with traditional and modern architectural styles. If you’re considering brick for your patio, there are several different patterns you can play with to customize the look to your tastes, such as herringbone, running bond, and jack-on-jack. 

Keep in mind that brick is subject to cracking in freezing weather. Additionally, moss tends to grow on brick in shady areas, which will require cleaning to prevent the surface from becoming slippery. 

Natural Stone or Flagstone

Natural Stone or Flagstone

Natural Stone or Flagstone


If you desire a patio that feels like a completely natural addition to your backyard, stone might be your best option. Natural stone comes in a variety of types, such as flagstone, limestone, and fieldstone. While the cost of a natural stone patio will likely be higher than brick or concrete, it gives any backyard a classic, luxurious look that will never go out of style.  

Natural stone is heavy and can be difficult to install. Enlisting the services of our patio contractors in Nashville will make the construction process effortless.

Paver Patios

Natural Stone or Flagstone

Natural Stone or Flagstone


Available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns, pavers allow homeowners to get creative with their patio design. Concrete pavers are a particularly popular choice because they’re strong and can be manufactured to look like brick or cut stone.  

Present in many Nashville homes, pavers come in different sizes and can be installed in interlocking patterns to add style and visual interest to your backyard. Interlocking paver patios are built from individual pieces and the connecting joints are filled with sand during the installation process. If not properly maintained, weeds can work their way through the joints over time. This problem is particularly common in older paver patios that lack polymer sand or were poorly installed.


Patio Construction Best Practices

Our patio contractors at Greenway of Nashville, take the quality of our work seriously. We care about the finished product we leave at your home and are committed to ensuring it’s everything you imagined. With this in mind, we follow these patio construction best practices in every project:

Understand Your Space

Understanding your space involves more than just knowing the size and location of your patio. Having a dedicated strategy in place from the start will ensure you’re prepared to deal with any complications that may arise during the construction process. Our team will come onsite to examine the existing features of your backyard that may affect the design and build of your patio. 

What’s more, we keep the lines of communication with our clients open throughout the duration of every project. Before we begin construction, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your intentions for the space. Do you plan to host dinner parties? Would you like to include a cozy fire pit in the middle of your patio? This personal approach allows us to get a true understanding of your space, so we can execute your vision.

Don’t Ignore Drainage

Drainage is vital to consider during the construction process. Hardscapes, such as patios, need to be installed with a slight downgrade in order to ensure water drains away from your home. If drainage is ignored, you could end up with water running directly to your home’s foundation, leading to expensive problems later on.

Consider Existing Utilities, Lines, and Pipes

The area you want to build your patio will need to be excavated and roughly 10 inches of dirt will be removed. During the digging process, it’s important to be aware of any existing utilities, electrical lines, or pipes. If you’re not mindful of these elements, it can result in costly, not to mention dangerous, mistakes. You may also run into large rocks or other surprises when preparing to install a patio. Our experts are attentive and carefully work around underground pipes to ensure your patio is safe.

Build a Strong Foundation

While it’s easy to put more focus on the materials you’ll actually see, ensuring your patio is built on a strong foundation is key to its longevity. After excavation, a layer of packed gravel or some type of base material will need to be added to create a stable foundation. Our professionals will provide a patio that not only looks good but is built to last.

Patio Maintenance

Like bathroom tile and hardwood, patio floors need tender loving care. Rainwater and Nashville’s humid summers can cause mold and mildew to grow in the crevices of your patio. Here are a few things you can do to maintain your patio and ensure it always looks its best:

  • Regularly sweep the surface to remove dirt and debris.
  • Remove any moss or weeds that have sprouted along the edges or in the nooks and crannies of pavers.
  • Scrub light stains and dirt with a cleaner and a stiff brush. You can make eco-friendly cleaners with vinegar or baking soda to avoid harming any nearby landscaping.
  • For stubborn stains and mildew, you may need a pressure washer. 
  • Concrete patios can be protected from future wear and tear by applying a sealer.

Our contractors can review the best maintenance and cleaning tips for your specific surface, so you can get the most enjoyment out of your patio.

Your Patio Problems Solved

Do you want to build a patio that adds beauty and function to your home but don’t know where to start? Our patio contractors in Nashville will solve all of your problems. Unmatched in quality, customer service, and value, we’re the perfect partner for visionaries. Whatever vision you have for your home, we’ll bring it to life.

We take care of our clients and will work to make your outdoor space your favorite place to be. Call us anytime at (615) 238-4574 to get started.

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