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Starting Your Underground Utilities Project

Planning is critical for any type of build and that includes what goes on underground. Underground utilities include existing infrastructure for the area such as electricity cables,

traffic and street lights, natural gas, storm and water drains, and cable TV, as well as the

utilities you will need for your own building. A good build plan will take a forensic approach

into mapping these public utility installations, as well as the correct placement of the new

utilities. Greenway of Nashville offers you such an approach, in addition to a punctilious and professional team of experts.

Breaking ground is an exciting moment in any construction project but safety is paramount.

We utilize a number of different techniques to ensure a safe excavation, every time. Our

skilled operators are carefully trained to handle the heavy-duty equipment and minimize the risk of encountering an unexpected utility pipe or cable.

Choosing the Right Equipment for your Underground Utilities Project

Using the right equipment for the job might sound obvious, but installing underground utilities calls for specialized equipment to ensure the project is completed efficiently, profitably and Choosing the equipment depends on whether the terrain is principally soil, rock or concrete. The construction team at Greenway of Nashville will identify the equipment that best meets your project’s needs and ensures that it is all serviced and ready to go with an experienced operator at its helm.

Rock needs to be broken up using a hoe ram, a sharp-tipped hydraulic

hammer. The rock becomes fractured and loose, allowing it to be removed using a large


We remove soil using excavators, heavy hydraulic diggers with a rotating platform that sits on top of an undercarriage with tracks or wheels.


These heavy-duty machines are absolutely vital in any kind of underground utilities installation. Trenchers use a metal chain with steel teeth to tear into the ground and

dig trenches for laying pipes, electrical cables or drainage.


Materials such as debris, rock, and asphalt is moved safely around the site on

loaders, or onto another type of machinery such as dump truck or hopper.


In most construction Greenway of Nashville projects, we need to create flat

surfaces for roads or before constructing buildings. The grader’s long blade forms the

surface during the grading process.

Best Practices for Underground Utility Installation

Underground Utilities contractors are employed here in Nashville on the basis of their

expertise and professional experience. Additionally, we work to a set of best practices for

underground utility installation to make sure that we incorporate safety into everything we do.

Planning, planning, planning. And then plan some more. 

When underground utilities are damaged, people can be injured or even killed. For all projects undertaken by Greenway of Nashville, we plan every aspect of the build in

meticulous detail and take the time to understand where existing utilities are, using a

variety of techniques. And we plan hard for where your building’s new utilities will be,

to reduce the risk of time delay or increased cost to you.

Never assume depths of underground utilities

Locator techniques are used as a guide to the location of utilities and not designed to be sufficiently accurate. Utilities can move as road surfaces change and we will only know the exact location and depth of a utility when we can see it.

Safe digging

Once we have decided where cables will be installed or where we

think existing utilities reside, we dig trial holes for confirmation. If we need to

excavate, we do it alongside an existing utility, rather than from above, to more

effectively control the force of hand tools.

Safe excavation

For every construction project, we take account of the nature of the

work, the type, and position of utilities underground, the ground conditions and any

constraints that we need to work within. Everyone on site is properly briefed with the

correct work equipment and appropriate protective clothing.

Hire Experienced Underground Utility Contractors

At Greenway of Nashville, we don’t do things the quick way or the cheap way – we do things

the right way. We pride ourselves on selecting only the very best contractors, often home-

grown in Tennessee! We’ve spent a lot of time building a network of professional operators

with thousands of years’ experience between them. When we send a team of contractors to

your home or place of work, you can rest assured that you are getting the cream of the crop

of construction workers.

Give us a call on (615) 238-4574 or fill out on our contact form. We can offer

you the best, expert guidance on how to proceed with your next project, so that you achieve the very best results.


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