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From functional to aesthetic purposes, landscaping includes a wide variety of outdoor features. Any improvements you make to your property, aside from the home itself, are considered to be a part of your home’s landscape.

Many homeowners underestimate the value that landscaping can add to their property. While it’s easy to focus on the inside of your home, your landscape is the first and last thing people see when they visit. 

Giving your exterior the necessary thought and attention it deserves will add immediate curb appeal to your home and create enjoyable outdoor spaces that feel like a natural extension of your inside rooms. Moreover, landscaping is a major selling point for many home buyers and a great way to improve the ROI of your property, if you intend to sell.

If you’re looking for high-quality landscaping in Nashville, look no further than Greenway of Nashville. We have been creating beautiful and functional yards for homes across the Music City for over ten years. Our Premium Services division is committed to quality consistently providing clients with top results. We’re a company that you can depend on to enhance your outdoor living space and increase your property’s value.

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Common Landscape Projects

When it comes to landscaping, there are endless options for you to consider. First-time homeowners or people looking to renovate their outdoor space can benefit from understanding some of the most common projects that can add great value to their property. Below are several examples of the kind of work our professionals can do to improve your yard:

  • Tree Planting and Tree Removal 
  • Shrubs, Bushes, and Hedges
  • Flower Beds and Borders
  • Perennial and Annual Flower Gardens
  • Mulch, Grass, and Ivy

These are just a few examples of popular projects you can choose from for your own yard. While you certainly don’t need to include all of these features, many of the most attractive and polished landscapes incorporate several of these common softscape ideas.

side yard landscaping installation with a variety of plants and shrubs

side yard landscaping installation with a variety of plants and shrubs

Landscape Design

All too often, people assume that landscaping is simply “putting plants in the ground” or mowing lawns. While there is some heavy lifting involved, there is much more to landscaping than grunt work and maintenance.

In fact, designing beautiful, yet practical, landscapes is more of an art form because it not only requires knowledge of horticulture but an understanding of style concepts, such as color and texture.

A lot of thought goes into a well-designed and functional landscape design. Ensuring it will look nice all-year-round, creating a design that is harmonious with the style of your house, balancing practical needs with aesthetic preferences, and working around hardscape elements are just a few challenges that landscape designers face.

In a well-planned landscape, every element should be positioned in a visually appealing manner and be primed for continued healthy growth. At Greenway of Nashville, we make your personal tastes and opinions a top priority, while ensuring your choices are going to meet your long-term, functional needs and goals. 

Don’t leave your project in just anyone’s hands. In addition to being well-versed in plants and how they grow in the Middle Tennessee climate, our professionals have an eye for design. We stay updated on the latest outdoor trends and styles in order to deliver the picture-perfect yard or outdoor space.

landscape design of an infinity pool

3 Major Design Principles




Unity and harmony are important to consider during the design process. Selecting plants, colors, and styles that complement one another will create a unified theme that makes sense and is easy on the eyes. 




While you want a sense of unity, contrast is also an important design element to keep in mind. Introducing variety and smooth transitions in color and texture will create visual interest without detracting from your overall “unified” feel.




This principle simply ensures that the size of each component is ‘proportional’ and consistent in relation to one another. For example, a thoughtful design that exhibits proportion would not include five tall trees in the front yard of a smaller home.

Landscape Installation

After drawing up a landscape design customized to your style, needs, and budget, we will move to the installation process. Greenway of Nashville has the skills and resources to install everything we design. We partner with some of the finest craftsmen in the area that can do the heavy lifting to execute your ideas for your yard.


While we plan and anticipate everything from plant selection to soil conditions during the design phase, it is the installation process that brings the design to life. Our team is thoughtful and attentive during the installation process to ensure we meet your vision. 

Implementing quality outdoor designs not only requires manpower, but also an understanding of drainage and any existing pipes, gas and electric lines, or other hidden underground features. When installing your design, we take all of these things into consideration to avoid any issues from arising in the future. We’re dedicated to providing quality work, while also understanding the importance of deadlines. 

At Greenway of Nashville, we know that it can become overwhelming to have a team working in your backyard for longer than you expected. For this reason, we always strive to respect your timeline and work efficiently, so you can start enjoying your outdoor space as soon as possible. 

Nashville landscape contractors working on a new patio

Why Greenway of Nashville?

Understanding Landscapes

While your landscape includes all of the outdoor features on your property, the term ‘softscape’ is used to refer specifically to the soft, living components. This can include everything from grass, shrubs, and trees, to perennial flowers and gardens. A patio or gazebo, on the other hand, would not be considered softscape. These hard structures fall under the category of hardscape.

Softscape (generally just referred to as landscape) features are important to keep in mind when creating your ideal landscape. If integrated properly into your outdoor space, softscape can make your front or backyard feel like your own personal oasis.

When in doubt, the professionals at Greenway of Nashville can help you find the perfect balance between the hard and soft elements of your landscape. Our landscape specialists will sit down with you and discuss the best plants, trees, flowers, or shrubs for your space. We offer both softscape and hardscape services, ensuring our clients the most ideal backyards.

Tips for Landscape Planning

#1 - Consider Your Environment

#1 - Consider Your Environment

#1 - Consider Your Environment

Unlike concrete, brick, and other solid features, your landscape is constantly living and growing. For this reason, it’s important to consider the climate of your area, the type of soil, the amount of light, and the drainage conditions. This will allow you to choose the plants, flowers, and other softscape elements that are best suited to your environment.

#2 - Work Around Your Design

#1 - Consider Your Environment

#1 - Consider Your Environment

Softscape features aren’t just soft to the touch. They actually soften the appearance of hardscape design elements, such as concrete, patios, and stone walls. Too many hard components, and your yard might start to look like a concrete jungle. Working softscape around your hard materials will make your landscape easier on the eyes and give your property an inviting feel.

#3 - Use Softscapes for Functionality

#3 - Use Softscapes for Functionality

#3 - Use Softscapes for Functionality

In addition to meeting your aesthetic preferences, softscape can make your home more functional by offering solutions to the pesky problems many homeowners face. Don’t have enough shade over your backyard patio? Wish you had something to create more privacy between you and your neighbor? Trees, bushes, and plants not only look great, but can serve a number of functional purposes to meet your specific needs including privacy.

#4 - Don’t Overdo It

#3 - Use Softscapes for Functionality

#3 - Use Softscapes for Functionality

While softscape can dramatically improve your outdoor spaces, you don’t want to overdo it. These living features will need tender loving care, so you want to avoid incorporating more than you can manage. When selecting a softscape design, it’s important to keep in mind that an abundance of plants can get out of control and make your property look neglected.

Landscaping Done Right

Our mission is to do things right, and do them right the first time. That’s why we emphasize quality in every project we start. It can be difficult to find landscaping in Nashville that you can rely on for top results. Our attention to detail and quality service experience are unmatched.

Our secret? We take a vested interest in our clients’ home projects by making your goals our goals and your concerns our concerns. This personal, hands-on approach allows us to fully understand the scope of your project and match the vision you have for your property.

When you call Greenway of Nashville to handle your residential landscape project, you’ll not only work with a team that homeowners have continued to trust time and time again, but you’ll be cared for throughout every step of the way. 

You can call us today at (615) 238-4574 to schedule a complimentary project consultation. 

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